Tabletop Kickstarter Spotlight: Into the Mother Lands

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Into the Mother Lands brings a refreshing and diverse culture to science fiction tabletop games. In this RPG, you get to experience new species, adventures, conflicts, and characters that are unlike anything else. 
After browsing Kickstarter for the latest tabletop games being pushed, I came across Into the Mother Lands. It’s gained a lot of popularity and interest since first being posted, and I can certainly understand why. Here are a few reasons I’m excited to back Into the Mother Lands.

1. Unapologetically Black

One of the initial aspects of Into the Mother Lands that drew me to it was the fact that it’s about black characters and it was created by a POC team. The tabletop market needs more diverse voices, so I am always excited to see something like this get a lot of attention. The game calls itself an Afrofuturist genre. That sounds interesting as heck to me!

I’m not black. However, I am eager to support POC developers and just as eager to see the kind of lore and worlds that a POC dev team has come up with for this project.

2. Mix of Star Trek and Wakanda

The game also describes itself as a mix between Wakanda and Star Trek. As a big fan of both of those things, I’m itching to get my hands on the sourcebook and start seeing the similarities between the two. I’m expecting a slightly solarpunk aesthetic in the model of Wakanda with the exploration drive from Star Trek. 

I’m definitely ready for both of those things in my life.

3. Diverse Species

Into the Mother Lands starts out with 5 different species from which to choose. You have the standard human, a few different human hybrids, an android, and a furry alien species. Yes, you furries out there, you can play a hyena-like alien that takes on the role of the scholars in the world. There’s something for everyone!

Personally, I’m all about that android life. From David 8 in Prometheus to Andrew in Bicentennial Man, my love for androids knows no bounds. I am very eager to see what they’re all about!

4. New Classes

There are also 5 different classes from which to choose. They seem to include healers, fighters, and mixes of the two. One particular class, the 10-2’s is geared towards those who want to play their own Lando (or Han Solo). It encompasses pilots and “speed junkies.” 

Smuggler life, here I come!

5. Great Lore

Lore is important to me. I can never get into a game, movie, or book unless it has interesting lore. Into the Mother Lands has extremely interesting lore. The story follows the descendants of those who were mysteriously taken from their voyage to The New World. The initial group of explorers was tasked with finding and exploring The New World by Emperor Mansa Munsa. They instead vanished and found themselves on a new homeworld that would come to be known as Musalia.

The game takes place several generations after the fact. I’m not entirely sure what the relations are between all of the species or the conflicts that exist in the world, but I imagine there’s some juicy drama just waiting to burst.

Put Into The Mother Lands On Your List

If you’re looking for a new science fiction tabletop game, then I encourage you to consider Into the Mother Lands. It looks fresh, diverse, and may scratch an itch you didn’t even know you had. Are you excited about Into the Mother Lands? Let me know what aspects you’re excited about the most in the comments!

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