Stuck at Home? Try These Tips to Stay Productive

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How to Worldbuild When You’re Stuck at Home

Thanks to COVID, the mundane flu, or a transitionary period, you may find yourself stuck at home. This can make worldbuilding or creating difficult. If you’re like me, then being home means you’re open to about a million distractions. How can you enjoy the benefits of creating at home without being delayed by the various distractions and demands that exist there? Here are a few tips on how you can stay productive when you’re stuck working at home. 

1. Schedule Your Time Slot

Sometimes working at home can be as easy as simply disciplining yourself. Don’t know how? Start with scheduling a time slot that is specifically for creating or being productive. Perhaps it’s an hour after you’re finished with your normal work. Perhaps it’s during your actual work hours if your project is professional. Perhaps it’s just after dinner. 

Whatever time slot you have available, let it be known that this is your time to be away from everyone else. Most importantly, be sure you don’t give in and binge another episode of the latest hot documentary or movie on Netflix. 

To boost your productivity even more and ensure you’re able to use your time slot to its fullest potential, you might also want to consider downloading an app like Freedom. I use Freedom to block the internet while I’m worldbuilding. I already have all my notes together. I just need to make sure I’m not being hounded by dozens of messages from my friends as I try to create a world for our next DnD campaign.

Freedom can be used in a variety of ways and offers several different features, too. You can sync it across various platforms as well to ensure you’re staying focused no matter what device you’re using. 

2. Distract the Distractions

Another big problem you’ll face when working at home or trying to be creative at home is the number of distractions just waiting to lure you away. Aside from TV, video games, and other entertainment distractions, you’ll have to deal with social interaction. Whether it be family, friends, roommates, or even your pets, there’s likely someone or something at home waiting to grab your attention.

In my case, it’s a friendly, if not distracting, dog. He’s never happy unless he’s either close to me or if I’m throwing his ball around the house. The problem with both is that I need my lap and hands to use the laptop in order to create. You likely have a similar problem.

Perhaps you have a wife/husband or kids that require you to cook them dinner or entertain them. Perhaps your roommates want to game with you or watch a movie. We’ll be addressing how to politely tell people to give you space in another post. For now, here are a few ideas you can use to distract those distractions in order to be productive at home. 

For family, you can start with informing them that the specific time slot you established earlier is your time to yourself. You can rely on your partner for this to help shepherd the children away. You can even put up a do not disturb sign to let everyone know that you’re busy at work. 

If you have loud roommates, then the solution is clear. You need to soundproof your creative or work space. While you may not have the funds or ability to properly soundproof your room–or the whole house–you can make it so you’re able to enjoy your own quiet space. The answer is with noise-cancelling headphones. 

I’m a huge fan of noise-cancelling headphones. Not only do I use them to game or listen to music, but if my dog is being a pain in the you know what, then these headphones are a gift from the Gods of Productivity. I tend to go with quality to ensure I get the kind of service that I need. For that, I go with Bose over other brands. No matter how loudly my dog may be barking at some poor mailman or jogger, my headphones help me stay focused and productive. 

If you’re not a fan of over-the-ear headphones, then you may find satisfaction elsewhere with these ear buds from Samsung

Finally, when it comes to pets, there’s one sure way I can always keep my dog busy to allow me to work. Chewable bones. While there are tons of different kinds of bones you can find for your dog, I prefer something safe that isn’t prone to splintering. That’s why I feed him WoofWood bones. They last for some time and are made from natural ingredients. He can chew to his heart’s content and leave me in peace.

Those who have cats will find distracting their feline friends even easier. Simply place a sheet of paper on the floor or put a box down. Your cat will immediately move to lay on it or in it. 

3. Create Your Space

Our final tip to being more productive while you worldbuild or create at home is to create a space for yourself. While your home may be yours, if you share it with others or perform certain tasks in certain rooms, then it may be difficult to disassociate yourself from those tasks or feel productive in a social place. Sitting in front of the television in your living room, for example, may lead you to wondering what’s on your favorite channel rather than focusing on your project. 

To amend this, you need to carve out a space just for yourself. Perhaps that means transforming an unused room into an office. You can hang all of your notes on the wall and be surrounded by things that inspire you and keep you motivated. Perhaps that means you need to curtain off a corner in the bedroom when you’re in full creative mode. Heck, maybe you want to even take a tip out of Harry Potter’s cap and transform an unused closet into your new work space. 

Others may enjoy the idea of using a small shed in the backyard to be their area. While sheds have started to become popular in use as a secondary place to entertain or unwind, you can also use them as a place where your worldbuilding or creating takes place.

Keep On Creating!

It’s easy to use the excuse that because you’re home, you don’t have to be as productive. Doing so will only delay your projects. To ensure you’re more creative this year while battling the many distractions that reside at home, be sure to follow these tips.

If you have any other tips on how you can be more productive at home, then let us know in the comments!

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