2021 New Year Resolution Ideas for Creators

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2021 New Year Resolutions for Creators

2020 was rocky. Although many of us ended up staying home, those who partake in creative fields may have found the adjustment difficult. Some creators rely on others to give them feedback in the moment. Others thrived, enjoying the peace that their home provides to come up with fresh ideas. Now that 2020 is at an end, it’s time for wordbuilders and creators to start the new year off right with some new year resolutions. 

Here are a few 2021 resolutions you should make as a creator. 

1. Make Time to Create

One thing that I think we’re all guilty of is that we lost a lot of time creating last year. Even as a new strain of Coronavirus makes its way through several states, we continue to hunker down and wait it out. This can make finding time to create difficult. For one, we’re stuck with our loved ones. While this is great for extra bonding time, it can take its toll on our creative juices. 

This year, we should make a resolution to make time to create. This might mean that we need to cancel social plans (we should be cancelling those, anyway.) Perhaps it means we need to lock ourselves in the bedroom for an hour or so. 

A common excuse that creators use is that there isn’t enough time. We create time. It’s far easier to lose ourselves to distractions than it is to admit that we chose to use our time unproductively. Let’s not fall into that trap this year.

Instead, let’s make the plan to set aside an hour every week, if not every day, to devote to creating. It doesn’t matter what kind of creating it is. We just need to get the ball rolling. Even if you can only devote an hour to it every week, that’s still a lot more progress you’re going to make than if you chose not to do anything at all.

Your first 2021 New Year resolution idea should be to set aside a set day and time that you disengage from everyone and everything else and just spend time worldbuilding, drafting, painting, whatever it is that you need to do. 

2. Regenerate Creative Juices

If you were on the opposite side of the spectrum and were able to use COVID as a time to create even more, then you may feel as though you’re running on empty. Every creator has their own stamina. It’s important not to push yourself over that limit. Doing so can seriously impact how productive you are in the future. 

You know you’ve taken things too far when you start to burn out on your project. Burning out is a creator’s worst nightmare. Not only is it difficult to get back in the flow of things, but it may even spell the end of your project forever.

To avoid burning out and keep feeling motivated about your project, you need to make a resolution to set some time ahead to regenerate. This shouldn’t just be creatively either. It may be socially, for your work, or even your relationship. 

Just like setting time aside to create, make sure that you set some time aside every week to just unplug from everything and allow your creative juices to refill. If you’re one of the many people who decided that their resolutions were going to include exercising more and sticking to a diet, then taking a brief break from creating can allow you to pursue those resolutions or other 2021 New Year resolutions that you have. 

3. Research More

No matter what kind of creator you are, you need to do some kind of research. Worldbuilders, DMs/GMs, novelists, even game designers should research history, other cultures, and other culture’s history. While learning about culture is always best done in-person, this isn’t always feasible for everyone.

To make up for it, you need to research. A lot. Not only can this spark some new ideas for conflicts, characters, and political organizations that you create, but it can help you grow as an individual. Personal growth should always be a New Year resolution. 

There are a few years you can start researching new cultures. The first is simply to search everything you can about them on the internet. Be wary of only visiting a single site for your information. Depending on the culture you’re studying, you should keep in mind that history is always written by the winners. You’ll want to seek out several sources in order to understand the culture from various viewpoints. 

Another option is to watch a few documentaries. Just like histories, documentaries are also written and shot with a biased perspective. Try to keep a neutral mindset while you learn and fact-check the documentary later. 

Should the COVID-19 lockdown on the world ever rise, you may also want to take a vacation to the area where the culture exists. There are tons of benefits you can experience by living in a new culture. At the very least, you’ll have a great time and go home with some new and original ideas for your project. 

4. Get More Organized

Let’s be honest, as a creator, you sure know to make a creative mess. Staying organized means you can be just that much more efficient in your work. While 2020 may have been a dumpster fire, you can make 2021 a little bit easier just by keeping yourself organized. 

Depending on your project, there are a few ways you can improve your organization. For those who like to take physical notes or work with physical creations, you’ll love using color-coded folders. Not only are they flashy, but you can keep your work organized based on the color that it corresponds to. Even better, you won’t have papers, artwork, or notes scattered across your workstation anymore. 

Those who need timelines or a few notes to refer to often will enjoy keeping themselves organized with a pegboard. I happen to be a very visual person. I need to see things physically before me in order to make sense of them. That’s why I have a pegboard above my workstation. Whether I’m creating an outline for my next DnD session or working on some props, I have my notes and pictures or references pegged on the board for me to quickly look at and refer to. It saves me so much time and clears up my work table for the actual project I’m working on.

Those who prefer to take their notes virtually will enjoy using an app like Simplenote. As its name might suggest, it allows you to simply jot down notes as you need. It also allows you to refer to those notes on any device that you might have. Perhaps even better, the app is free to use. 

Finally, if you need a timeline of events, then you may enjoy using Storyboarder. This app allows you to create a storyboard for free. You can easily make a flowchart or a visual network of your notes, projects, and other things. 

5. Have More Adventures

There’s a common belief that you can only write or create that which you know. If you’re someone who typically spends all day at home, then you’re not taking part in many adventures. You don’t have to go far to have an adventure either. Simply take a walk or drive to the nearest town or even out of your town. Take a hike. Attempt an Escape Room. Go see a movie in a drive-in. 

Essentially, do new things this year. If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that life can be stopped at any given notice. By sharing more adventures, you can appreciate life more and come back to your project with fresh ideas and a better understanding of how your characters might react in a given situation. 

Make your 2021 something to write about. 

What Are Your New Year Resolutions for 2021?

Did you decide to make any New Year resolutions for 2021? If so, let us know in the comments what they are! If you have any tips for your fellow creatives on how to make their 2021 more productive and enjoyable, then be sure to share them in the comments, too! Together, we can make 2021 something incredible.

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